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Job Category: Research

SPAM Chemonics USAID BIJAK seeks qualified individual to fill position Environmental Enterprise Development Associate

ChemonicsInternational Inc. USAID BIJAK Project (Bangun Indonesia untuk Jaga Alam demiKeberlanjutan)
Chemonics International seeks applications for an Environmental Enterprise DevelopmentAssociate with experience performing forestry/land-based businessengagement.

Position:EnvironmentalEnterprise Development Associate (Code: COMP3-Associate)
Reportto:Environmental Enterprise Development Specialist
Applicationsdue by: November6, 2016
Dateof Hire: Assoon as possible
Period:2 years (withpossible extension)

Project Overview

USAID'sBIJAK (Bangun Indonesia untuk Jaga Alam demi Keberlanjutan) is a Jakarta-based,five-year project implemented by Chemonics International in collaboration withKemitraan and Wildlife Conservation Society. The overarching objective ofUSAID's BIJAK project is to address the constellation of market forces,financial incentives, policy levers, social norms and values drivingdeforestation and biodiversity loss in order to promote enduring changes inindividual and organizational behavior which reduce greenhouse gas emissionsand conserve valuable marine and terrestrial biodiversity. To realize thisobjective, BIJAK will work through national instruments and systems to impactthe following:
·                Numberof national level laws, policies, regulations, decrees, procedures, or fiscaland budgetary practices developed, revised, adopted and/or applied in order toreduce GHG emissions, reduce wildlife trafficking, and conserve valuableterrestrial and marine biodiversity with support from BIJAK.
·                Improvedcapacity and willingness of Indonesian institutions and organizations toaddress biodiversity conservation, especially wildlife trafficking, and climatechange.
·                Numberof businesses engaged in extensive land-use practices, especially palm oil,developing green business practices and sharing them widely with others intheir industry.
·                Amountof investment leveraged in USD from private and public sources for biodiversityconservation and/or climate change.
·                Publicopinion and behaviors changed as a result of advocacy campaigns developed andimplemented to support targeted terrestrial and marine biodiversityconservation and low carbon development issues.
·                Model(s)for successful low emissions development and forest conservation developed andshared at all levels of government and with other key stakeholders.

Position Responsibilities

- Assisting Component 3 Specialist in developing project activities plan for the Component.  

- Contributing to project efforts to develop M&E plan and Communication Plan.

- Assisting Component 3 Specialist in managing project activities, ensuring all plan well executed.

- Running the component activities implementation and achievement record that is accessible both for verification purpose and for project reporting purposes.

- Drafting of Component 3 quarterly report, annual report, and occasional reports as needed.  

- Assisting Component 3 Specialist in reaching out various stakeholders to look for new and emerging opportunities for the development of environmental enterprise and sustainable business practices.        

- As appropriate, coordinating with the project's communication team to support partners' communication and outreach plan; including developing stories and messages to be framed into communication materials.

- Providing input to foster synergies, cross-learning, and collaboration across the BIJAK components.

·                Contributingto the team general performance through proposing, attending and activelyengage in regular and occasional meetings, conversation and knowledge sharing.

Minimum Qualifications
·                Advanced degree in forestry, naturalresources and economic of environment or a related field.
·                Minimum of three years of relevantprofessional experience in strengthening and supporting small-medium-bigenterprises linked to low carbon and conservation oriented business practices.
·                Demonstrated commitment toenvironmental values.
·                Experience working with the private sector,NGO's, host country government institutions, and local associations.
·                Proven experience in administering projectmanagement and implementation.
·                Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia; excellentwritten and oral communications in English.
·                Ability to join full-time as soon aspossible is highly preferred.

Ifyou are interested and qualified for the EnvironmentalEnterprise Development Associate position on BIJAK, please send your latestCV and cover letter to by November 6, 2016. Early submissions encouraged. Please put the code (COMP3-Associate) on the subject of yoursubmission email.  

Pada Kamis, 22 September 2016 6:10, umi sugiharti menulis:

Abt Associates is a mission-driven, global leader inresearch and program implementation in the fields of health, social andenvironmental policy, and international development working in more than 40countries around the world. In Indonesia, Abt has a rich history implementinghealth, economic development, governance and land use planning programs. Formore information, please visit Associates is actively recruiting qualifiedprofessionals for the anticipated USAID Bukti Untuk Kebijakan dan Advokasi(BUKA - Evidence for Policy and Advocacy) and the Millennium ChallengeAccount-Indonesia (MCA-I) Participatory Mapping and Planning Project 6 (PMAP 6).  USAID BUKAUSAID BUKA aims to bolster the use of evidence indecision-making in the policy and public spheres by enhancing the capacity ofscientific institutions and increasing public demand. Abt seeks the following positions: ·                Civil Society CapacityBuilding Specialist experience improving research and institutional capacity of civilsociety organizations working in policy realm ·                Public Policy AdvocacySpecialist experience shaping public policy through civil society organizations,creating linkages of civil society organizations to policymakers at nationaland regional levels ·                Private Sector PolicySpecialist engagement with the private sector to identify and later articulate policyneeds, ability to link private sector to relevant decision makers in governmentfor open policy dialogue ·                Policy CommunicationsSpecialist ability to effectively disseminate research to public through various mediaoutletsSuccessful candidates must have university degreesin communications, economics, law, public policy or related field. A minimum of8 years of experience implementing nationally relevant programs in policy,applied research or science for government, private businesses ornon-governmental organizations. Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia is required,fluency in English is preferred as well.Interested candidates may send a CV and cover letterto assoon as possible but no later than 10 October 2016. Onlyqualified candidates will be contacted.  MCA-I PMAP 6MCA-I PMAP 6 is a one-year project helping over 300rural villages in fifteen districts throughout the country to delineate anddemarcate their boundaries and map their resources to attract future investmentin areas that will improve rural livelihoods in an environmentally sustainablemanner. Abt Associates intends to hire up to six Field Coordinators to support and oversee work in three to fivedistricts in assigned areas. The FieldCoordinators must: ·                Direct supervision of the work of the field team leaders in selectedsub-districts ·                Acquire spatial information (topographical maps, satellite imagery,aerial photos, etc.) from various sources of the assigned geographic areas ·                Coordinate closely with relevant government agencies of the selecteddistrict and the Office of Sub-district Head ·                Commit to a one-year posting in remote site with extensive travelwithin assigned regionSuccessful candidates must have university degreesin natural resource management, forestry, geography, geodetic engineering orrelated field. A minimum of 5 years of experience working on community baseddevelopment projects. The candidate must have demonstrated skill in management,communication and interaction with local government and communityrepresentatives. Fluencyin Bahasa Indonesia and English is required.Interested candidates may send a CV and cover letterto assoon as possible but no later than 10 October 2016. Only qualified candidateswill be contacted.Thank you for your interest in Abt Associates.
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Abt Associates seeks qualified individuals to fill position of Land Tenure Advisor for anticipated MCA project

Land Tenure Advisor
Abt Associates intends to respond to an upcoming Request for Proposalfrom the Indonesian Government, through the Millennium ChallengeAccount-Indonesia, to implement a one-year project helping over 300 ruralvillages in fifteen districts throughout the country to delineate and demarcate their boundaries and map their resources toattract future investment in areas that will improve rural livelihoods in anenvironmentally sustainable manner.   Inthis project, Abt Associates and its team of Indonesian specialists andsubcontractors will work with local communities and government in aparticipatory process to determine each community's physical boundaries andnatural and cultural resource areas to create a geo-spacial database of itsland, assets, and resources.  

Abt Associates is seeking a Land Tenure Advisor who will directly reportto the project's Chief of Party and be responsible for developing and implementingprocesses to resolve village land disputes which include investigating andreporting on land use and tenure issues and work with villages and projectteams to resolve them.   The position willbe based in Jakarta and require travel to remote locations in the field.

Rolesand Responsibilities
a.     Provide input in the planning of the workunder PMAP 6 to incorporate methodology and mechanism for land disputeresolution;
b.     Investigate the land use and tenure issues ofeach district, subdistrict and village in the assigned districts, includingindigenous land (adat land) issues in coordination with the StakeholdersEngagement Specialist;
c.         Participate in the district and subdistrictlevel planning meeting and serve as a land use and tenure resource person inall meetings as needed;.
d.     Provide expert support to the Area / DistrictCoordinators, Kecamatan Technical Working Group and the Village ParticipationTeams as needed in land use and land tenure issues which arise during theVillage Boundary Setting and Resource Mapping (VBS/RM) process;.
e.     Plan for land-based dispute mediation andoversee its application during the implementation of VBS/RM in the villages;.
f.       Monitor the land use and land tenure aspectsof the VBS/RM process and provide input and support data for the preparation ofreports and presentations.

Minimum Qualifications
a.     Bachelor level degree in land tenure,geography, economics, natural resource management or rural development;
b.     Seven years professional experience inland-related development projects or research;.
c.       Demonstrated technical understanding ofnatural resource management, land use and rural community development andland-based dispute mediation;.
e.     Previous work experience in Indonesia, aswell as strong knowledge of rural land issues including indigenous/customary (adat)land tenure and territorial claims;.
f.         Ability to frequently travel to remotelocations in Indonesia;.
g.     Fluency in English, both in written andoral.   Mandatory experience in writingtechnical reports in English.
The following qualification is also desirable:

a.     Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia.

Interested candidates maysend a CV and cover letter to the title in the email subject as soon as possiblebut no later than 28 October 2016.Only qualified candidates will be contacted.
Thank you for your interestin Abt Associates.


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Vacant Position - Organization Restructuring

PT .Independent Research & Advisory Indonesia (IRAI), merupakan perusahaan yang berfokus pada bidang riset dan manajemen strategic yang bertujuan untuk membantu kilen baik dari sektor swasta maupun pemerintah dalam menentukan keputusan yang tepat. Riset yang dilakukan mencakup dan tidak terbatas pada sektor kebijakan publik, transportasi, agrikultur, migas, pertambangan, manufaktur hingga industri kreatif.

Tugas :
· Membantu mengidentifikasi system dan business process yang berjalan saat ini
· Menyusun business process flow utama yang akan diusulkan sesuai dengan kebutuhan
· Menetapkan fungsi-fungsi utama yang harus ada dalam struktur organisasi yang baru
· Menentukan dan menyusn konsep bagan organisasi yang baru sesuai dengan tujuan yang ingin dicapai
· Membantu dalam proses adaptasi terhadap struktur organisasi dan fungsi yang baru

Kualifikasi :
· Laki-laki/perempuan maksimal 32 tahun
· Pengalaman dalam bidang organization restructuring/change management minimal 5 tahun
· Minimum pendidikan S1 Manajemen dari universitas terkemuka

· Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi yang baik

CV dapat dikirimkan ke alamat email :

Vacan Position - HR & Business Support

PT .Independent Research & Advisory Indonesia (IRAI), merupakan perusahaan yang berfokus pada bidang riset dan manajemen strategic yang bertujuan untuk membantu kilen baik dari sektor swasta maupun pemerintah dalam menentukan keputusan yang tepat. Riset yang dilakukan mencakup dan tidak terbatas pada sektor kebijakan publik, transportasi, agrikultur, migas, pertambangan, manufaktur hingga industri kreatif.

HR & Business Support

Tugas :
· Melakukan fungsi-fungsi administrasi HR (absensi, lembur, jamsostek, asuransi)
· Membantu dalam proses recruitment dalam hal penyaringan CV yang masuk, penjadwalan kandidat, posting iklan
· Membantu dalam proses on boarding dan exit interview staff
· Membantu pekerjaan GA
· Membantu melakukan pekerjaan terkait pelaksanaan event
· Membantu dalam pekerjaan administrasi.

Kualifikasi :
· Laki-laki/perempuan maksimal 28 tahun
· Pendidikan psikologi, manajeman SDM dari universitas terkemuka
· Pengalaman minimal 3 tahun di bidang HR Generalist atau recruitment consultant
· Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi yang sangat baik
· Memiliki kemampuan berkoordinasi dengan baik

· Multi taskind dan detail oriented

CV bisa dikirimkan ke alamat email :

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